Text Transmit & Receive Software

Single and bulk SMS transmission and receiving


  • Integrated SMS management solution providing bulk or single SMS transmit and receive
  • SMS transmission direct from user seats on the LAN
  • Bulk or single SMS transmission with progress status display in console
  • Transmission failure notifications in console
  • Receive incoming responses to transmitted SMS’s

Business management features

  • Debtors control (AR) (see BACKoffice accounting)
  • Services and Charges (non stock item) billing (see BACKoffice accounting)
  • Transaction management (see BACKoffice accounting)
  • Cash control (see BACKoffice accounting)
  • Document filing and management system (see DOCmanager)
  • Facsimile transmission and receipting (see FAXmanager)

Seamless Integration to:

  • Seamless integration to applicable CiMSO suit programs


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