Real Estate, Mall, Timeshare & Leasing Software

Real estate register with property leasing, timeshare, services billing and vehicle parking management


  • Real Estate register with property and owner detailed
  • Property sales management facilities
  • CRM with communications tracking
  • Leasing, contracts, deposit and billing management
  • Timeshare, ownership, bookings and levy billing
  • Property services billing and collections
  • Vehicle parking management

Real Estate Management

  • Extensive property register with location, structure, facilities and owners information
  • Realty agency marketing and sales tracking

Leasing Management

  • Content rich lease management view grid
  • Customizable services and charge times; charge templates, billing methods and invoice formats; usage metering types with consumption graphs
  • Bulk, rule based rent and services invoicing
  • Vehicle parking control and invoicing

Timeshare Management

  • Content rich Timeshare view grid
  • Full and part week Timeshare ownership
  • Bulk, rule based services and levies invoicing
  • Fast bookings facility to INNkeeper
  • Space banking to international channel
  • Rental pool management

Business management features

  • Debtors control (AR) (see BACKoffice accounting)
  • Services and Charges (non stock item) billing (see BACKoffice accounting)
  • Transaction management (see BACKoffice accounting)
  • Cash control (see BACKoffice accounting)
  • Document filing and management system (see DOCmanager)
  • Facsimile transmission and receipting (see FAXmanager)

Seamless Integration to:

  • CLUBmanager membership and loyalty administration, recreational activities and wellness management
  • PHONEmanager telephone call and billing management
  • FAXmanager facsimile transmission and receiving with scheduling and status management
  • INNsync data synchroniser linking offices across geographic boundaries
  • CIMSOweb on-line customer profile management and activity scheduling
  • RESTaurateur food and beverage (F&B) points of sale
  • SHOPkeeper retail points of sale for shops and superettes
  • SPAscheduler SPA and wellness management
  • ACTIVities recreational activities scheduler
  • INNkeeper lodging reservations, room rates, front office and City
  • STOCKmanager products services and recipe stock control with procurement
  • BACKoffice creditors (AP), General Ledger (GL) and Cash Books (CB)


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