Personalised Bulk E-mail Transmit Software

Near paperless e-filing with integrated LibreOffice word processor, spreadsheet, drawing and presentations program


System Features

  • Your preferred mail client interfaced to the customer data platform (CDP) and CRM
  • Data merge facilities via an integrated ODF compliant document management system

Mail Transmission

  • E-mail with a subject created on the fly, directly from the client profile or specified management areas
  • E-mail detail automatically saved to the client’s communication and notes profile
  • Powerful event log console with extensive filters for fast tracking and printing of communication events

Data Merge 

  • Extensive merge fields from customer profiles and other management areas in the CDP
  • Personalised bulk (mass) mailing blasts to status segmented marketing groups
  • Automated e-mail, fax and postal mail document transmission with failure reports
  • Flexible templates with merge fields integrated to specified system reports



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