Fully integrated EVENT Management Software.

CiMSO EVENTmanager is all in one eVENT management system:
BOOKING EVENT, EVENT MANAGEMENT (incl. beo & function sheet), Inventory, Procurement, Stock Management, Touch Screen Retail POS, CRM, Membership, and Accounting.

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With more efficiency and sharper insight, you can be in position to drive growth, not just cope with it. CiMSO ERP software provides the complete array of business processes—from basic to complex. And CiMSO software is scalable, allowing you to easily handle growing numbers of users, customers, transactions, or entities.


Control each operation or Security Preset on the user level. With CiMSO ERP Software, you can design ERP user access based on a combination job description, roles, permissions, and document types. Also, compel managers and team leaders to verify individual permissions and identify necessary changes.


CiMSO software maintained on the daily level, and we store data in different geo locations. Anyway, you can always manage your backups manually, if preferred.


We provide 24/7 Service Desk Support which includes end-to-end maintenance, management and support solutions for current model and end of line operating system versions and releases. On-site, remote dialup, telephone, LINE, and email support options.

100% Integrated ERP Hospitality Management Software for Events

Manage your Events from anywhere with CiMSO - INNsync

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Event Booking & Quotes

  • Event bookings display grid integrated to detailed event bookings management
  • Colour coded venue bookings grid for fast venue selection and provisional bookings
  • Create event profiles with guest lists, staff, resources and task management
  • Configure event quotes using integrated banqueting packages and resources
  • Print event quotations in user configurable format, with direct mail and fax transmission

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Event Management & Function Sheet

  • User configurable event and task types with venue seating arrangements and guest lists
  • Manage staff tasks and activities using the integrated Task and Activity Manager
  • Produce guest lists, name labels and seating allocations directly from the event profile
  • Fast transaction processing from mobile touch screen points of sale devices
  • User configurable function sheets or Banquet Event Order (BEO)using the integrated LibreOffice suite (DOCmanager)
  • Extensive merge fields from client profiles and other management processes in the CDP
  • Function sheet e-filing with archive and fast retrieval of all function sheet iterations


Procurement & Inventory (Stock) Control

  • Preferential supplier management with tender or purchase contract control
  • Multi-level procurement authorisation and transaction processing console
  • Requisitioning, order processing and goods receipting console with multi-level authorisation
  • Control Products (stock), Services, charges, Recipes, and Bill of Material items
  • Manage accurate food costing using integrated banqueting package and recipes 

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  • Integrated debtors (AR) system with credit limit control, tax invoicing and statements
  • Integrated to lodging (INNkeeper) in-house guest lists for direct billing to guest folios
  • Process multiple payment types, loyalty points redemption and forex currencies
  • Cash control with fast, multi-level, multi-currency cash up control and reconciliation
  • Extensive revenue audit facilities with detailed change log of specified user activities

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Installed year 2021 for EVENTmanager and RESTaurateur, STOCKmanager, and BACKoffice
Phothalai Leisure Park
Installed year 2018 for GOLFmanager, EVENTmanager, RESTaurateur (POS), STOCK & BACKoffice, CLUBmanager, and INNSync
Sentosa Golf club
Installed year 2011 for RESTaurateur (POS), Stockmanager, BACKoffice, CLUBmanager, and INNSync
Tamarind Restaurant

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