Document Management & E-filing Software

Near paperless e-filing with integrated LibreOffice word processor, spreadsheet, drawing and presentations program


  • Document console with fast search, merge print and storage in nine formats
  • Drag and drop filing index in tree view format with fast search and retrieval
  • Document templates bespoke header footer formats and status links
  • Dynamic document indexing to customer and staff profiles
  • Integrated LibreOffice word processor, spreadsheet, drawing and presentation programs
  • Extensive merge fields and merge facilities for key management areas in the CiMSO ERP suite
  • Document merge, mass mailing blasts and automated transmission by e-mail, fax and snail-mail
  • All documents stored in, and archived as part of the SQL database
  • Extensive document filters for fast document search and retrieval
  • Seamless integration to the CiMSO suite programs

Integrated Document Management


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