CiMSO Business Management Software for:

Lodging – Hotels, Resorts, Lodges, Game Reserves, Apartments, Condominium

Hospitality – Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Event Venues

Real Estate – Title Register, Leasing, Timeshare

Retail – Supermarkets, Retail Shops, Trading Stores

Services – Golf Clubs, SPA’s, Hydro’s, Recreational Activities



The CiMSO ERP Software toolbox provides the tools you need to control and improve your business



Comprehensive CRM software with powerful client identification capability and Customer Data Platform (CDP)


Local server and Web-based data interchange


Food, Beverage and Retail points of sale with stock control


Schedule and manage Golf, SPA, and Leisure activities

Are you looking to take effective control of your business?


Next Generation Technology > Reduced system down-time, support costs and hardware expenses

Customer-centric Design > Improved staff productivity and customer service delivery

Seamless Integration - ERP > Real time operational results and accurate management decisions

Complete Financial Control > Integrated GAAP compliant accounting with IFRS reporting

Geographic Synchronizing > Secure, fast and affordable data replicating between Group Offices

Reduced Cost of Ownership > License and SLA pricing scaled to the size and needs of the enterprise


We’re very excited at finally having a fully integrated system - and you guys are amazing to work with! Competent and fun!

Thank you!
Big Game Parks
Good Day CiMSO. All is well with us and we thank you for your good service.
Peace Garden Lodge
It has been a lovely year and has been very great working with you all. Have a Merry Christmas and prosperous new year and best wishes and blessings to you and your families. God Bless!!
SKL Group of Camps
Hotel Thule Management and Team would like to express our appreciation with the very good service provided by your company. It is not often that we get such a good service and the support afterwards from our suppliers.
We believe very strong in customer satisfaction and want to say Thank you for this received by your team.
We look forward working with CiMSO in future.
Hotel Thule
It was such an honour being part of CiMSO's project. It was an amazing experience, I am very thankful to Andrew and Trevor, both of them are very kind.
And the most importantly, Pieter, I am gratified of your caring and generosity. You are a very kind to me. I am deeply appreciated. I learned many thing from you. I am very happy and comfortable all along the project. I hope the project be carried out wonderfully.
It was a privilege working with you.
Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau
Thank you for the excellent continued support, whenever we need you. We enjoy working with you!
We are happy with our overall experience on CiMSO and we feel that all employees at our properties are trained up and comfortable with using the system.
Touch Down Group
For the first time we are able to do all our work on one system. CiMSO made our administration so much easier and manage to fit everything that we might need into one program.
INNkeeper to manage our accommodation bookings, ACTIVities for all our game drives and activities, SHOPkeeper to run our convenience store, liquor store and bar and now after our last upgrade, the Full Financial package to cater for all our accounting needs. (And it keeps our accountants happy because all our work are now done on one accounting system). We previously used CiMSO with great success but still needed a ‘competitor accounting package’ to handle the accounting side of all our companies. Now we just use one system and a lot of duplicated work was eliminated. Would we recommend CiMSO to anybody else? Definitely.
At first we struggled with the new way of doing bank recons and cash books after being used to the “competitor product way” but now, after using your system for a month and getting used to it, we are quite taken with it and would definitely recommend it to anybody in our industry.
It’s a pleasure to provide you with feedback after our first NAMPO with CiMSO. We have already done more than 1,200 bookings since August 2016.
The program has exceeded all our expectations and made our work so much easier. We definitely worked less overtime this year, thanks to the program.
Thank you for your support which is only a telephone call away. Thank you that you are never impatient with our silly questions. George you have trained us well – thank you. I cannot thank you enough, the program is worth every cent. You are a great team and has saved us many hours.
Bothaville Info


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