CiMSO Thailand Support


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  1. Start your CiMSO Menu, select the Administration. Use your given Login ID and Password to log in

  2. At Clients tab select the Add New Client 

  3. At Create A New Client window, tye new Client Details and Select the Create New Client button 

Please note that the software will check if your Clients Profile is already existing or not. 

  1. At Clients tab, the New Client Profile tab (sub-tab) 
  2. Select the edit Profile (pencil icon) to Edit
  3. Insert First Name, choose Nationality, Title,  Gender, Birth Date, Language, Employer, Designation, Greeting, and Mailing 
  4. At Details (Sub-tab), click New (paper icon) and insert Email, Tel number 
  5. At Address, click New (paper icon) and insert Address and Contacts  

Click here to see how to do “Hierarchy Client Console

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