The Importance of Invoice Tax Rounding Strategy for Your Business: A Guide to CiMSO Hospitality ERP Software

When managing financial transactions, precision and compliance are paramount. This is particularly true in Thailand, where the Revenue Department has specific regulations regarding tax calculations. For businesses in the hospitality industry, ensuring that tax is calculated and rounded correctly on invoices is crucial. CiMSO Hospitality ERP Software provides flexible and accurate solutions for managing this tax rounding strategies, ensuring compliance and efficiency in your financial operations.

Understanding Invoice Tax Rounding Strategies

The Thai Revenue Department allows for two main strategies for tax rounding on invoices:

1. Round Taxes at Line Level (ปัดเศษรายบรรทัด)


2. Round Taxes at Invoice Level (ปัดเศษต่อบิล)

Each strategy has its specific applications and benefits, and CiMSO Hospitality ERP Software can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Round Taxes at Line Level (ปัดเศษรายบรรทัด)

When you round taxes at the line level, each line item on the invoice is individually rounded. This means that the tax amount for each item is calculated and rounded before being summed to provide the total tax amount. This method ensures that the subtotal, VAT, and total amounts are precise for each item.

For example, consider an invoice with multiple line items:


  • Item 1: 10,000 THB
  • Item 2: 15,000 THB
  • Item 3: 3,037 THB


When rounding at the line level, each item’s tax (7% VAT) is calculated and rounded individually:
  • Item 1: 10,000 THB + 700 THB (VAT) = 10,700 THB
  • Item 2: 15,000 THB + 1,050 THB (VAT) = 16,050 THB
  • Item 3: 3,037 THB + 213 THB (VAT) = 3,250 THB
The subtotal is 28,037 THB, and the total VAT is 1,963 THB, making the grand total 30,000 THB
Round Taxes at Invoice Level (ปัดเศษต่อบิล)
Alternatively, rounding taxes at the invoice level involves calculating the total tax amount for all line items combined, then rounding this total. This strategy can lead to slight differences in the last decimal places of each line item’s VAT amount, ensuring that the final total, including tax, is a round number.
To configure this in CiMSO Hospitality ERP Software, set the Invoice Tax Rounding Strategy to “Round Taxes at Invoice Level (ปัดเศษต่อบิล).” The system will then round the cumulative tax amount and distribute any rounding differences across line items. This ensures that the final total with tax is precise and meets the desired rounding criteria.
For example, with the same items:
  • Total before VAT: 28,037 THB
  • Total VAT (7%): 1,962.59 THB (rounded to 1,963 THB)
The software adjusts the last decimal place of the line items to ensure the final total is 30,000 THB.
Benefits of Configurable Tax Rounding
Using CiMSO Hospitality ERP Software, you can tailor your tax rounding strategy to fit your business needs. Here are the key benefits:
  • Accuracy: Ensures that all calculations comply with Thai Revenue Department regulations.
  • Flexibility: Choose the rounding strategy that best suits your billing practices.
  • Efficiency: Automate tax calculations and avoid manual errors.
  • Customer Trust: Present accurate and professional invoices to your clients.
Proper tax rounding is essential for compliance and accuracy in financial management. With CiMSO Hospitality ERP Software, you can easily configure your system to either round taxes at the line level or invoice level, ensuring that your invoices are precise and meet all regulatory requirements. By leveraging this software, you not only streamline your billing process but also enhance your overall operational efficiency.
Invest in CiMSO Hospitality ERP Software today and experience the benefits of precise, compliant, and efficient tax management. For more information or to schedule a demo, contact us today.


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