How Hotel Technology Can Help Increase Your Revenue?

The way we work and live has been totally changed by technology. This fact also applies to the hospitality sector, especially to the hotel sector.

The key to use Hotel Technology is to design the guest experience and personalize your hotel’s services so that each guest feels valued. This is very important because when you satisfy your customers, you increase revenues.

There are many ways that technology in the hospitality industry can help Hotel Owner to improve their operations and increase revenue. Here are some ways hotel technology can help increase your revenue:

  1.       Online Booking Systems: Having an online booking system allows customers to easily book their stay from anywhere, at any time. This can increase bookings and revenue for hotels, especially if the booking engine is optimized for mobile devices. Fast check-in
  2.       Revenue Management Software: Revenue management software or Rate Management software uses data to help hotels determine the optimal pricing for rooms. This can help hotels maximize revenue by adjusting prices in real-time based on demand.
  3.       Contactless Check-In: Contactless check-in allows guests to check-in to their rooms using their smartphones or self-service kiosks. This not only improves the guest experience, but it also frees up front desk staff to focus on other revenue-generating activities.
  4.       Mobile Apps: Mobile apps can provide guests with a variety of features such as room service ordering, spa reservations, and local recommendations. This can increase revenue by encouraging guests to take advantage of additional services and amenities. Efficient Service
  5.       In-Room Technology: Smart TVs, voice assistants, and other in-room technology can provide guests with a more personalized and convenient experience. This can lead to increased guest satisfaction and loyalty, which can ultimately lead to more revenue.

6.       Upselling and Cross-Selling: Hotel technology can be used to suggest additional services or upgrades to guests during the booking process, check-in, or during their stay. This can lead to increased revenue through upselling and cross-selling.

What type of computer software should we have?

1.Integrated software

Integrated software or Software Suite is a type of computer software that combines multiple functions or applications into a single program. For example, CiMSO Hospitality & Business ERP Software is an integrated software package that includes programs such as INNkeeper (Hotel Software), RESTtaurateur (Restaurant Software), GOLFmanager (Golf Club Software), SPAscheduler (Spa Management Software), BACKoffice (Accounting & Financial Software) etc.  

          Reduce Repetitive Tasks

          Reduce error and increase productivity

          Reduce cost of ownership

2.Customer Data Platform

The best way to get more sales is by taking care of your existing customers. But how do you know what they want? What about your current customers? What if there was a way to make money off of them instead of just getting their loyalty? That’s exactly where Customer Data Platform (CDP) comes in and change everything.  

          Better Marketing

          Better Decision making

          Better Long-term guess or membership

          Better Revenue

Overall, hotel technology can help increase revenue by improving the guest experience, optimizing pricing, and increasing bookings. By investing in the right technology, hotels can stay competitive and attract more guests, which can ultimately lead to increased revenue.

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