CiMSO Caddy Management System Part 2/2

Our previous article, we already mention about the responsibilities of the caddies (or caddy) and how the caddies is very important for the golfers. This article will show you about the features of CiMSO caddy Management system to give you an idea how the software supports your operation to serve the best to your customer (golfers).

CiMSO GOLFmanager is all in one golf club management software which includes Tee booking, Pro-shop POS, Caddy Management System, Restaurant, CRM, Membership Management, Online booking and Back Office.

For supporting the service of caddies, CiMSO GOLFmanager provides Caddy Management System which include the following features.


  • Caddy Identification (Register caddy)

A new identifier and profile are created for each caddy to identify name – surname, caddy ID number, national ID number, bank account number, photo, phone number, and address

  • Caddy status (new, trainer, resign >>unlimited create)

In CiMSO Caddy Management System, Caddy status is unlimited create depended on the golf club policy, E.g., new, trainer, resign, active, punishment etc. 

  • Caddy working day and leave

Fulltime, parttime, work day and leave. If the caddy is set as a Full-time working type, system default selected Mon-Sun. If the caddy is set as a Part-time working type, the booking department can select the date that caddy available to work. This will connect with the Tee booking so that the booking department will not do any mistake when the golfer books for the tee time and book caddy.

  • Caddy booking

The booking department can search caddy who is available at specific course, date, tee time. Also, users can search by caddy number and see when is the available time for that caddy. The caddy payment will be included in the cost of tee booking and the system can set no booking the same caddy within exactly hour so that there will be no over booking. 

  • Caddy queue assignment

Once the golfer booked the tee time and caddy, there will be a notification via SMS and email to the booked caddy. The system can also send the notification via other communication system e.g., LINE, Whatsapp as to the client needs and request for the development.

  • Caddy fee

When golfer makes a payment, the system will automatically calculate the green fee, golf card, and caddy fee. The AP (Account Payable) can generate caddy service report in order to be able to make the weekly caddy payment fee to each caddy at the correct amount. This is very useful for the golf club and caddy in term of the fast report and the fast payment of caddy fee.    

  • Caddy Evaluation

CiMSO Caddy Management system provide fast and accurate of the caddy evaluation process. This is to evaluate and improve the service of the caddy and golf club. At the end of the flight, the golfer is back to the starter and scan the slip. The system will search the booking number to match with the caddy ID and the golfer will be allow to choose whether excellent, good, fair or poor to the caddy. This way, the golf club can see the report, give the bonus or improve the service easily. 

  • Report

The daily report can generate the next day caddy who get advance booking (a running caddy queues which cover both normal booked caddy number and specific booked caddy number). The caddy master will use this report to announce to all caddy numbers who get booked. So, the booked caddies can come to work at the flight booking time.

From the above features of CiMSO Caddy Management System, you can see that how useful of the software in better operating the golf club and to provide the best service to your customer (golfers). Caddy Management System help you to operate the caddy process in better standard. So, caddies will have time to develop and improve their work performance. Please be noted that the Caddy Management System is always included in our GOLFmanager.

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