Benefits of Integrated software

With the company’s rapid growth, most install and use various software to manage their daily business operations. The first is an accounting package to manage finances, which is followed by CRM and stock management applications.

It is vital for companies to maintain a comprehensive customer database to be able to provide the best after-sales service possible. 

With the help of integrated software, companies can increase revenue and customers by leveraging e-commerce sales channel rather than managing sales on multiple spreadsheets.

Businesses that prefer to buy a variety of non integrated software face difficulties and problems, whether from an error in transferring information between departments or stock that doesn’t match the e-commerce storefront. The worst is the inability of business owners to see real-time sales, income, and expense information. This makes it near impossible for managers and owner alike to analyse information to make business decisions.

In the previous article, we discussed the results of using a variety of non integrated software to manage your business, which also suggests that choosing an integrated software is another interesting option. The initial investment cost is high, and the process of implementing an ERP system complicated, but the long-term investment is worth it.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of integrated software applications.

With business growth, you need to select software that can support and grow the business. The system integrates your database into one, enabling your team to work easily and efficiently. In addition, choosing such a system will help to save costs and improve business productivity.

1.Organizational Productivity

Using integrated software automates many important organisational and operation processes, shortens working time, and reduces errors in the work of employees. The survey found that companies that choose to use integrated software will be able to close monthly accounts faster, from 15 days to 3 hours, make more sales, and have better inventory management.

2. Real-time information and database

Every enterprise needs real-time data visibility to make decisions. It is easy to make business decisions if data is available anytime, anywhere, and instantly without wasting time and resources. Real-time visibility will definitely make you profitable.

3. Cost savings and reduced IT work time.

Using integrated software has obvious benefits for your business. Since all departments of the organisation can utilise one system, the maintenance cost, or MA value, is reduced. Moreover, the employees in each department work more efficiently, including the IT department. IT does not have to spend time with multiple systems or software installed for separate operations, whether it is system maintenance or solving different system problems, including trying to connect information between different departments.

4.Business Growth

Integrated software allows you to expand your business quickly, whether by opening more branches, increasing business, or adding sales channels. This is because you will be able to manage promotions, product lists, and prices, as well as a number of other things such as accounts and data, from one central location. Because all information is more visible, the integrated software allows you to make sales more efficient and meet the needs of existing customers.

5. Staff’s work performance

With accurate and fast work employees will be able to apply their expertise using the integrated software adding value to your business.

The above-mentioned are advantages of using integrated software. This is to increase the work efficiency of employees, increase sales, save costs, and reduce employees’ working time, including real-time data visibility. All of these goals are meant to support the growth of the organization.

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