The Challenge of using variety of software to manage business

All businesses must choose software to manage their operations. Integrated software is often overlooked by organizations that aim to accelerate their short-term profits. The installation of multiple software suites in the same organization results in inefficient business processes and challenges.

This article will mention about the result of using variety of software to manage business

1.Staff’s work performance 

As the company grows, employees must work as efficiently as possible. If employees are inefficient and the software systems they use are antiquated, workplace errors will increase, wasting time and thus not being productive.

All organizations have mission-critical processes that take time and are required. It is vital that these processes are completed accurately and without errors, such as order processing, creating invoices, etc.

Example: An employee spends hours inserting order information into the system while another employee exports the data from the CRM system to calculate the sales and commissions. If one employee cancels the order during the calculation, the data will be incorrect, and they will have to reprocess again.  This scenario leads to frustration within the workplace.

2.Lacking real-time visibility

When using fragmented software that comprises multiple databases, data dilution takes place. Reports and statistics regarding finance, sales, and marketing are vital to determining the health of the business. Fragment software causes delays in the presentation of this data, causing the business to abandon the idea of using this critical data for analysis. This might negatively impair the growth of the business in the long run.

3.Complexity and high cost of system integration

Growing companies, when they invest in software, need the software systems to be connected so that all departments can work seamlessly together. These interfaces are frequently costly, time-consuming, and come with high maintenance costs. Even after investing time and money, interfaces are prone to error, making them nonviable for future growth..

4.Impact on customer growth

The important goals for your company’s continued success are customer acquisition and revenue growth. With increasing competition, businesses must provide excellent customer service. If customer service expectations are not met, they’re less likely to buy from you. Integrated software ensures that the customer receive accurate information and the best possible service. Employees have access to all the information they need about customers’ needs and how to satisfy them. This creates positive customer satisfaction, which creates returning customers..

The use of non-integrated software in your business may allow a quick increase in sales during the start-up stage but has a negative effect in the long run. Staff’s work performance might not be satisfactory due to a lack of real-time visibility, complexity, and the high cost of system integration, and the worst thing is that it has an effect on increasing the number of customers.. How to avoid these problems?

CiMSO Integrated Software Suite is a set of programmes that are created to work together. This enables information to be communicated in real time and automatically between your organization’s various departments. The integrated software includes customer relationship management (CRM), sales, order entry, inventory management, procurement and invoicing, finance, and other functions, all of which are under the same system. Although this is a high investment and the implementation process is a bit complicated, it is more worthy of investment in the long run..

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