Hotel Rate Management System

Rate Management is one of the important strategies to help your hotels and resorts maintain revenue, increase sales and grow, just as you expect.

Only consider the room rate from the number of nights in each room, will limit you to arrange the price management. Also, your chances of serving a variety of customers and likely becoming a regular customer are also reduced.

How will your hotel customer increase? If you can automatically adjust the room rate according to the time, season, and age of guests, or by membership level, etc.

Do you know that CiMSO ERP software provides an outstanding Rate Management System that allows you to freely modify prices according to changing circumstances and conditions. The most important thing is that the system will automatically change your price according to your settings, while the front desk and booking staff do not have to do anything. Our highlight features are…

  • Flexible Rate Management system supports various price management structures and unlimited rates, whether managing prices or setting prices based on membership model, OTA, Agent, time period, season, package, including location or branch etc.
  • The system automatically adjusts the room rate in real time, according to the set pricing rules
  • Update prices and styles through the Config system, which makes every department or every branch of the hotel able to serve customers without errors
  • Marketing plan, the marketing team can make marketing plan, according to the rate, including obtaining information from reports, which can be used for analysis to set a more appropriate price.

CiMSO’s Rate Management system gives you access to comprehensive market behavior analysis to effectively manage your hotel revenue and maximize your hotel’s return.

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