Adaptation of hotel, restaurant and golf course business after open the country (2/2)

The previous article talked about using a Single Software or Fully Integrated Software that helps you reduce your organization’s costs, improve the quality and increase the efficiency of the organization’s work by using technology to help the hotel, golf course, restaurant business adapts to support the new tourism after opening the country.

This article will continue to talk about how to use integrated software technology that will help you adjust your income or increase income for your hotel, golf course, restaurant business after opening the country.

2.Income adjustment

1) issuing room package promotions

As customers’ travel behaviors change, operators of hotels, golf courses and restaurants have to change. Adapt and learn to keep up with the changing needs of tourists. Issuing a promotion for each target customer such as Staycation and Workation for customers who want to work and relax or family group who want to bring their young children to stay with appropriate activities, etc.

  • Package and Voucher Management system will allow you to create a variety of packages that meet the needs of customers. For example, the booking on Sunday to Thursday is cheaper than Friday to Saturday, member customers are cheaper than general customers, family members get the price with an activity package but business members can get a package price including spa services, etc.
  • Technology or  rate management system will help you a lot, for managing a variety of promotions with different prices. Because the system allows you to set and adjust prices automatically. According to the schedule that you set for each promotion. In addition, the price may vary between branches accessed, membership level, and the Front Office team will see the information based on the promotion code. and will not be able to modify prices without authorization to access this section. make the operation not error Fast and impress customers 

2)Increasing labor efficiency and adjusting the number of workers accordingly

2.1) Labor optimization

Before covid, no one thinks about reducing the number of workers or increasing employee productivity. What kind of people do you need, what kind of people do you need to hire immediately? But in an era when everything has changed. Guidelines for increasing salaries while increasing the efficiency of existing employees Instead, it’s a good and solid approach for more and more organizations.

But employee productivity. That doesn’t mean your employees will be able to do more over the same amount of time. If you don’t have a tool, it works fine. You need tools, especially systems, that will help your employees work faster, better. Fewer mistakes In the same amount of time available. And CiMSO ERP Software can be another good choice for hotel business owners. Because the CiMSO system is a fully modular system for such businesses, it is also integrated (integrated). Therefore, existing employees such as Front Office can work faster, receive 30% more customers than before, and can issue tax invoices immediately on the Front Page. You can recognize income immediately without having to issue any documents.

2) Increase sales of products or food to external customers not staying

During the covid pandemic, there are many hotels that have opened their business by selling food from the hotel’s restaurant via delivery, which is interesting and it’s another good source of income. Responding to changing consumer behavior, the Integrated Software system includes a restaurant system (RESTaurateur), a Grab & GO system (SHOPkeeper) that will help make selling and cutting raw materials easy.


The benefits of increasing the revenue channel through the sale of food. It’s not just about increasing income, but also to increase the customer base, making customers who love food Know more about the restaurant. Continued to the creation of the package after opening the country, such as; a buffet package with free hotel night, etc.

3) Expanding booking channels through the platform


Increasing booking channels through different platforms will reduce the cost of marketing because those sites will help market to us. Also, besides the initial cost, the annual service fee is not very high. They only charge you when someone stays at your hotel. But if you have to sign up and open multiple platforms a day, the time you should spend marketing in other channels is gone.


Here the Channel Manager system that comes with Integrated software saves you from having to worry about double booking anymore because every allotment from every booking channel will run into the Integrated software system that you use and manage the booking for you automatically. Marketing team will have time to market to other channels. without having to worry about making mistakes in the booking process anymore.

What do you think with the adaptation method of hotel, restaurant and golf course businesses after opening the country Using technology called Fully Integrated software Suite of CiMSO Southeast Asia, which focuses on using a single system for managing hotels, golf courses, restaurants (One Owner, One Software) to adjust cost management and income adjustments. I sincerely hope that readers will gain knowledge, new ideas, will support your business. I can proudly overcome obstacles during the transition to this new normal era.

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