Adaptation of hotel, restaurant and golf course business after open the country (1/2)

Tourism and hospitality industry, which covers Hotel, restaurant and golf course businesses were the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic after the situation began to subside and Thailand reopened. Foreign tourists are gradually starting to return to Thailand.

However, the number of foreign tourists accounted for only about 5% of the pre-COVID-19 period, and the main customers of the Thai tourism business switched from foreign tourists to Thai tourists. This includes the fact that we have switched to technology to work, conferences, seminars, and webinars that do not require meeting rooms, auditoriums, and booking rates. The use of those services has been greatly reduced.

What about hotels, golf courses, and restaurant? How to adapt to new tourism?

CiMSO Southeast Asia advises you to reduce costs. Increase revenue by using hotel management system, golf course system and restaurant system to be useful as follows:

  1. Cost management adaptation
  2. Income adjustment

This article will first discuss the topic: adaptation of cost management.

1.Adaptation of cost management

1) Opting for a single system that can be used in all departments.

What is One Owner, One Software? Hotels & Golf Courses Many places didn’t take into account at the beginning of the opening. As a result, each department uses a different system, which may be based on the guidance of employees working in each department, each of which works well for each department’s employees.

But using multiple systems. In one organization. Instead, it does not meet the needs of executives and business owners. Either way, it matters.

  • Costs to be paid to a variety of systems
  • An administration that cannot have a single system champion oversees all departments, but instead requires the head of each department to manage it.
  • The data of each system is not interconnected, making it easy to malfunction.
  • Each system collects different data, so it’s hard to analyze it for marketing. Make promotions
  • Monthly/yearly account closing It takes a long time, preventing executives from planning their businesses fast enough to compete with competitors.

2)Increasing labor efficiency and adjusting the number of workers accordingly

2.1) Labor optimization

Before covid, no one thinks about reducing the number of workers or increasing employee productivity. What kind of people do you need, what kind of people do you need to hire immediately? But in an era when everything has changed. Guidelines for increasing salaries while increasing the efficiency of existing employees Instead, it’s a good and solid approach for more and more organizations.

But employee productivity. That doesn’t mean your employees will be able to do more over the same amount of time. If you don’t have a tool, it works fine. You need tools, especially systems, that will help your employees work faster, better. Fewer mistakes In the same amount of time available. And CiMSO ERP Software can be another good choice for hotel business owners. Because the CiMSO system is a fully modular system for such businesses, it is also integrated (integrated). Therefore, existing employees such as Front Office can work faster, receive 30% more customers than before, and can issue tax invoices immediately on the Front Page. You can recognize income immediately without having to issue any documents.

2.2) Optimization of the number of workers

Optimization of the number of workers That doesn’t necessarily mean reducing the number of people. Rather, it’s the use of people who have the ability to perform a wider variety of tasks, also known as multi-tasking. Of course, single software has the advantage of helping you optimize the amount of labor. Whether it’s security presets and access restrictions, such as:

  • Salesperson, except from sales and marketing jobs. Invoices can be opened to collect customer money immediately through sales and marketing systems. Without waiting for the accounting department. The accounting department can also review sales and open receipts when a customer at the sales department has sold them. Because data is connected.
  • When you use the same system across the organization, whichever position is lacking, you can migrate people from one position to another. Or if there are employees who are interested in relocating/relocating the department, they can voluntarily move immediately. Reduce the amount of time it takes to teach the system and keep your business running uninterrupted.

Here are just a few simple examples that will give you the idea of using a single, single, or Fully Integrated Software Suite system that will help you reduce your organization’s costs. Improve the quality and increase the efficiency of the organization’s work by using technology to help.

Real-time visibility and report creation This allows you to use your data to analyze and plan your marketing goals or expand your business the way you want.

The next article I would recommend. How to use fully integrated software to help you adjust your income or increase revenue for your hotel, golf, and golf courses. restaurant After the opening of the country

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